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The mission of the High Atlas Foundation is to catalyze grassroots development in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Morocco. 


HAF works to establish sustainable development projects identified and managed by local communities in partnership with the public, private and civil sectors.


HAF uses a participatory approach that is driven by community beneficiaries in every step of the development process, from prioritizing goals to project implementation and evaluation. Key to this approach is the facilitation of community planning meetings, where beneficiaries jointly determine the projects they’ve chosen to undertake and create action plans. This participatory method is integral to Morocco’s national vision for sustainable human development. HAF recognizes the need for top-down support of grassroots initiatives. To this end, HAF works to support understanding and use of the participatory approach in all levels of government and society.


HAF has been actively implementing projects in Morocco since 2000, building on the Peace Corps experience of its founders. HAF is both a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization and a Moroccan non-profit association. Since 2011 it has held special Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. HAF actively recruits talent and expertise within Morocco and is supported by Moroccan and international volunteers. The dynamic created by this intercultural team gives HAF a unique perspective and capacity to advance people’s development. Meet our team and our board.


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HafFdtn #Morocco is a place that built #faith, there is risk in all we do but somehow through hard work we thrive !
HafFdtn #HAF & HA3 operate within a #Moroccan context, where the public policy framework provides incentives for #sustainable #humandevelopment
HafFdtn HAF in #news: Yossef Ben-Meir's article "هل سينقلب العالم رأسا ً على عقب بحلول عام 2030 ؟" on @worldnewsdotcom.
HafFdtn #HAF reinvests proceeds in community-determined #humandevelopment projects such as clean-drinking water, #women & #youth #education.
HafFdtn #HAF procures products & ensures the sale on national & international market thus securing recurring revenue for communities #Sustainability
HafFdtn #HAF assists with the harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing of #agricultural and #artisanal products. #Sustainability #Farming
HafFdtn #HAF certifies, distributes, plants, grows & monitors seeds & trees, consistent with organic farming practices. #Agriculture #Sustainability
HafFdtn #HAF develops and operates fruit tree, herbal and medicinal plant nurseries, from which revenue is derived #Agriculture #Sustainability

HAF in Morocco

High Atlas Foundation
4 Rue Qadi AyaadAl Manar 4A - 3rd floor - Appt. 12 El Harti, Guéliz, MARRAKESH 40.000 - Morocco

Tel: +212 (0)5 24 42 08 21
Fax+212 (0)5 24 43 00 02 

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High Atlas Foundation
High Atlas Foundation 332 Bleecker Street, #K110, NEW YORK, NY 10014

Phone: +1 (646) 688-2946
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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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