Participtory environmental workshops for Lwidan rural commune, HAF and OES

Errachid Montassir
HAF project
The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) and the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) continue to spread the vision of protecting the environment amongst the next generation, with the presence of Moroccan civil society members.
Lwidan rural commune in Marrakech region was our stop this time, where we visited the Twihinat group of schools. We brought with us 120 fruit tree saplings (70 Almonds, 20 Pomegranate, 20 Grapes and 20 Carob) to carry out tree planting activities and conduct participatory environmental workshops with the schoolchildren and community members.
We started with "Lbagara primary school" which has 319 students, of which 140 are female. The environmental workshop reflected a very good participation from the students, and they were very excited to put their lesson into practice and plant Carob and Almond saplings.
We moved to the second school "Oulad Zbir primary school" which has 306 students, of which 107 are female. We talked with the children about the importance of compost and its positive results. We also focused on decision-making in order to protect the environment, as we planted trees together.
We also met local association members and conducted the participatory approach method, in order to find out the environmental challenges they face and prioritize them as follow: 1- No trush place. 2- Lack of water sources. 3- Sewage. We explained more how they can apply for the community-led sustainable projects in Morocco.
We had a very good day with the community members and the schoolchildren, and will be visiting more communities in Morocco to conduct the same activities. See you soon!

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