Calling all Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

HAF is excited to announce that it was selected to be a member group of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). Founded by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) in 2000, HAF is committed to actively engaging the RPCV community as a way of helping others to keep alive their connection to Morocco and offer them a unique way to stay involved - with their time, ideas, and resources.

Here are just a couple of examples of how we stay connected to RPCVs - we work closely with Tim Resch (1970-1974) and his NPCA affiliated organization Friends of Morocco to promote Moroccan related cultural and educational activities. We are also delighted to be partnering with RPCV Elizabeth Letts (1983-1986) on promoting the release of her new book The Butter Man - a children's story set in the High Atlas Mountains.

But it is not just returned volunteers within the Peace Corps community that we connect with. We also support current Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and their communities by providing funding for tree planting projects, women's development activities, and youth programs. Just last month we provided funding for two PCV tree planting projects, which combined planted 7,500 fruit trees. We are also working closely with Peace Corps Morocco to find other innovative ways to partner and together advance our common interests and goals.

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HafFdtn #HAF is introducing participatory #development in rural Marrakesh through #intercultural collaboration. #Sustainability #Humandevelopment
HafFdtn At #HAF, we experience a warm and welcoming #culture, #intercultural work with amazing people from all over the world.
HafFdtn The gap between Moroccan #development potential in rural places and the existing reality can be both inspiring and difficult to bear
HafFdtn HAF in #news: @sudaneseonline1 shared Yossef Ben-Meir's article "Global bottom-up by 2030?". Read it here in Arabic:
HafFdtn #Morocco is a place that built #faith, there is risk in all we do but somehow through hard work we thrive !
HafFdtn #HAF & HA3 operate within a #Moroccan context, where the public policy framework provides incentives for #sustainable #humandevelopment
HafFdtn HAF in #news: Yossef Ben-Meir's article "هل سينقلب العالم رأسا ً على عقب بحلول عام 2030 ؟" on @worldnewsdotcom.
HafFdtn #HAF reinvests proceeds in community-determined #humandevelopment projects such as clean-drinking water, #women & #youth #education.

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