Visit to Chichawa


By Errachid Montassir

HAF project manager

On the occasion of Sami's Project evaluations, On the 12TH May 2017 exactly at 9:00 we took off towards Chihuahua

I can say that it was a strong plan on Friday; which was to visit five schools benefited of 1180 trees from Sami's project during the last season of planting 16th January 2017.


At 10:30 morning we could put the first feet in Chichawa city, which is progressing in the side of educational departments and growth of population, and it is evident that Chichawa needs more green spaces, especially in the schools; that to spreading the culture of planting among the students or the future generation.


Our first visit was to the college school Lhay lhassani. in this evaluation’s visit we were so frustrating that we found more than the half of the trees are dying.

After we did observe the trees we went directly to the administration of the school to meet the director, the first question to him in the discus, was about the situation of trees on the date they took them. We received one hundred trees almost of them were almonds, and they were not in a good situation, he responded.

Certainly after this visit we planned to figure out from where that problem came from and in the same day.


The second visit was for a primary school calling Azahra which is simple but creative;

Teachers and students are creative in the side of taking care about the trees, and also they are creative in moving the school forward. We could know that by a former teacher there, she was an active woman around more than 20 years.

Then we show round the trees and we were really so glad to see more than 10 Fig trees are fruitful just after 4 months of planted them. I can say the trees 70% are successful.

In the same school, we moved to a classroom, to talk with the students about what their knowledge in taking care about the trees, what can we benefit from the trees, and what is their favorite language between Arabic, French and English, we could also know their needs in the school.

It's really good to hear the kids speaking with enthusiasm on the trees as a lung of the world, they said also the trees can contribute to low the carbon gas. As they chose the french language to study after Arabic.

And about their needs; they are really like all the other students whom looking forward to see a library in their school to develop their own ideas.

As well as we wish to achieve their goals.

And before we take a group picture with the students and the teachers, we have been really surprised by Mute and deaf student, he is about 10 years old calling Nabil but he is really  bright that he is always water the trees and takes care about them, and to thank them all and appreciate their efforts we gave them an encouraging certificate.

The first high school, we could do evaluation, with it; was in the third visit exactly in Iben Arabi high school.

In a warm welcoming by the director, Mr Abdellah we stayed a few minutes presenting ourselves in his office, then we went to the trees area, they really were in a good condition except 3 almonds trees, the other good thing is there was no grass choking the trees. Mr Abdellah showed us a big new toilet for the students, built by a such good collaboration between the school and the association of the students's parents which is in almost Moroccans schools.

Then we had an ideal discuss with an English classroom, they were in the baccalaureate level. We talked them about the High Atlas Foundation and it's projects.

They could know Sami's Project that because they benefited  more than 80 trees on the 16th last January.

The students were really happy to defand about their needs, even they will graduate this year, but they are thinking to let their high school in a good situation to the future generation.

And between their needs is a locker room for boys, because they usually find it quite difficult to change their clothes for the sport times.

Surely we will come back to plant in this high school during the plant season in the next January 2018.

As usual the last step we took a group picture with the certificate we gave them, appreciating their efforts. 

And before the last visit we called a member from the delegation of education, she is calling Bouchra trying to figure out the first issue we faced with the trees dying.

Bouchra as a responsible for the schools activities in Chichawa; she answered us that Chichawa suffers with soil problem this from side and the other one is that almost schools don't have a good source of water. Then we closed the meeting and we went to the last visit which is a nearby high school to the delegation of education, it's called Imam Bokhari; there we met the teacher who is responsible about the environment stuff in the school. Here I can say that we faced the same problem;  they need a source of water, because almost of almond trees are getting die but there was a green trees of Fig with fruits.

Then we tried a participatory approach with the students there; letting them to express on their needs; which were the same "the Library".



Finally, I can say that we had really a good future view about educational institutions in the Kingdom of Morocco, and  HAF will do all efforts just to make green spaces for our youth and communities.

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