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Immediate Goals
HAF and community partners aim to address climate change challenges through the promotion of clean energy alternatives.  HAF provides sustainable solutions to increase access to clean burning fuels, thereby minimizing deforestation and CO2 emissions.

Over the next 5 years, HAF will implement projects utilizing innovative green technologies such as solar pumps, solar panels, biomass briquettes, and organic charcoal.

HAF’s tree planting project is accelerating at a rapid pace, and the growth of millions of new trees over the next 5 years will minimize climate change challenges.

Morocco is facing climate change challenges that are threatening the livelihoods of many Moroccan communities. The Kingdom of Morocco is vulnerable to climate change for several reasons.  Firstly, much of Morocco's economic activity lies along the coastline, thus the rise of sea levels poses a serious risk. Secondly, 45% of Morocco’s population earn their livelihood from agriculture, necessitating immediate solutions to soil erosion to increase crop yields and food security. Thirdly, farmers, both small and large scale, are facing water shortages and irregular water supplies including periods of flooding and drought. Finally, women are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as they need, for example, to travel farther for clean water, and firewood is becoming scarcer due to wide scale deforestation.

Sustainable Solutions
HAF addresses these climate change challenges by promoting and utilizing innovative clean energy alternatives.  HAF is exploring the use of solar pumps for communities access to new water sources. HAF greenhouses will soon be equipped with solar panels to provide the necessary energy to run irrigation systems. Biomass briquettes and organic charcoal, both composed of agricultural waste, will provide communities with a low cost, alternative fuel source eliminating the need for firewood, and thus decrease deforestation.

HAF’s Zero Waste Goal
HAF aims to implement zero waste projects, meaning that all of our initiatives will take into account HAF’s carbon footprint. HAF is taking measures to ensure that no aspect of the organic agriculture project  goes to waste, and will utilize agricultural waste from HAF nurseries (nut shells, fallen leaves, etc.) to create biomass briquettes and organic charcoal. Organic charcoal not only transforms waste into a clean burning fuel source but it also can be used as a fertilizer, enabling our tree planting projects to be expanded in particularly arid regions.

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