HAF completed its 1 Million Tree Goal in January 2014, and has since launched a 1 Billion Tree Campaign. Join us in breaking the cycle of subsistence agriculture.


HAF works in rural areas of Morocco to target the most marginalized communities.


With support from HAF’s expert field staff, communities are given the tools and knowledge to take on their most difficult development challenges.


Infrastructural development is key to bringing communities clean drinking water, improving learning conditions in schools, and increasing agricultural efficiency and production.


HAF’s grassroots approach engages community members throughout the entire development cycle, from planning to implementation and evaluation.


HAF’s experiential training approach increases the impact of development and enables projects to achieve scale.


Income-generating projects empower vulnerable community members and help to break the cycle of poverty.


HAF programs engage marginalized youth and provide essential educational opportunities.


HAF created a social enterprise, High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3), which takes an environmentally friendly approach to food security and prosperity.


HAF is dedicated to benefiting disadvantaged communities and groups, especially women and youth, throughout Morocco.

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Trip to the Festival des Roses
By Nina Schmitz 23.05.16   The best achievements you get are those you enjoy. And...
بين نفحات حقول مڭونة وقصبات دادس
   بقلم إبتسام النيري 20/05/2016   في مجتمع غابت فيه معاني الحب وأصبح للعلاقات منحى...
اللقاء الإعلامي الجهوي المنظم بمناسبة الإحتفال باليوم العالمي للتعاونيات
  أمينة الحجامي           قضيت تجربة مميزة رفقة  الآنسة فاطمة البعمراني مديرة المشاريع بإقليم...
المنتدى الجهوي للفلاحة المستدامة بالمغرب "الفلاحة الإيكولوجية، الفلاحة المستدامة والفلاحة البيئية"
  بقلم أمينة الحجامي 12-05-2016   تلعب الفلاحة الإيكولوجية دورا هاما  في الحفاظ على البيئة...
اللامركزية المغربية - التحديات التي تواجه التنفيذ الفعلي
  بقلم الدكتور يوسف بن مئير   تحمل مبادرة اللامركزية المغربية وعدا ً كبيرا ً...
Moroccan Decentralization – Challenges To Genuine Implementation
By Yossef Ben-Meir, HAF president May 09, 2016    The Moroccan decentralization initiative bears great...
A Tally of the 2016 Tree Planting Seasons
  To view text in French please click here Every planting season has its own...
Global Bottom-Up by 2030?
  By Yossef Ben-Meir, HAF president April 21, 2016 There is a common denominator among...
قافلة "الكل رابح" تحط الرحال بالعيون
  By Hana Ezaoui April 9, 2016   بتاريخ 09 أبريل 2016 بمدينة العيون، بالضبط بقاعة...
A PITCH, A CANVAS AND A PLAN: Bringing Business Thinking to Social Entrepreneurs
The elevator pitch: the shortest-seeming thirty-to-sixty-second-ride ever! When mastered, it becomes the quintessential vehicle for...
To a World Impacted by Terrorism
An open letter to the people of the world: By Emma Tobin  April 7, 2016...
Planting for a Green Future
By Lisa Wiese  April 6, 2016   As you head east from Marrakech you will...
Sowing Seeds and Growing Gardens
By Jacqueline Seeley March 29, 2016   Normally, sowing seeds is something we do in...
المدارس المغربية في حلة جديدة
By Said EL Bennani March 13, 2016      تكميلا لعملية توزيع الأشجار بمختلف المؤسسات...
What is the Value of a Woman?
By Emma Tobin March 9, 2016   As a woman, I fight everyday to be...
اليوم العالمي للمرأة - وضعية المرأة الحالية وفي الماضي
By Hana Ezaoui HAF Project Manager   March 8, 2016      ان المرأة بصفة عامة...
"Dear Friends"
To view text in french, please click here More than 15 years ago, around the...
التمكين الذاتي
To view text in English, please click here By Fatima-Zahra Laaribi March 2, 2016  لحظة...
مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير وترسيخ مبدأ التطوع
  By Ibtissam Niri February 26, 2016   تبدي لك الأيام ما يكون عنك غائبا...
إرث خدمة فيلق السلام في المغرب
حضرة رئيس التحرير المحترم،، تحيّة طيّبة وبعد،،   يسعدني أن أشارككم قصة عن أصول مؤسسة...
Walnut Sapling Distribution in Chichaoua Province
By Luigi Limone  February 23, 2016       On February 22nd, I had the...
مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير فاعل استراتيجي في الارتقاء بالحيات المدرسية
By Said El Bennani February 22, 2016  مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير فاعل استراتيجي في الارتقاء بالحيات...
Amazon Smile
  The High Atlas Foundation has recently registered with Amazon Smile. Select the High...


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  • Organic agriculture

    Organic agriculture

    HAF and communities, with the social enterprise High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3), create initiatives that span the entire agricultural cycle – from nurseries and markets to the farming of certified organic raw and value-added products.
  • Youth


    HAF and community partners give Moroccan schoolchildren and youth access to greater educational opportunities by improving school infrastructure and increasing learning potential.
  • Clean drinking water

    Clean drinking water

     HAF successfully addresses water access challenges for rural communities and schools throughout Morocco.
  • Clean energy

    Clean energy

    HAF and community partners are developing several new sustainable innovations, such as the production of biomass briquettes. These clean energy alternatives provide creative solutions to Morocco’s toughest challenges.
  • Training


    HAF’s experiential training ensures sustainable access to knowledge and skills and focuses on the diffusion of these benefits throughout communities.
  • Women’s programs

    Women’s programs

    HAF projects work to combat the traditional socioeconomic marginalization of women by helping them identify their community needs and creating projects to achieve their goals.
  • Cultural diversity

    Cultural diversity

    HAF promotes intercultural partnerships and collaboration towards a common goal: sustainable human development.          
  • HA3: HAF’s social enterprise
     HAF’s award winning social enterprise covers the organic agriculture cycle from nurseries to market. Organic certification increases household incomes, and enables reinvestment into additional in human development projects.

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HafFdtn #Participatory #development involves cross technical & managerial collaboration including public, private & civil agencies & regional blocs.
HafFdtn #Women play a critical role in #water management as in most nations rural women are responsible for household farming & manage #resources.
HafFdtn Devolution designed & implemented results into a #bottom-up management of #water, local orgs & their federation identify shared interests.
HafFdtn #Participatory #development builds on local knowledge & integrates local institutions in the maintenance & expansion of development.
HafFdtn #Technology transference could intensify #social polarization and cause labor displacing.
HafFdtn Devolving greater power to #local #communities is now widely accepted as imperative of successful enterprises.
HafFdtn Peoples #participation in all facets of project cycles is an essential condition for #sustainable #water #management.
HafFdtn Hyper #local or extra #national? Hyper local, that then federates to municipal, provincial, national, then extra national. #BottomUp

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