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Trees for Kids: Sami's Project

A Project for Moroccan Elementary School Students

As part of the High Atlas Foundation’s 1 Million Tree Campaign to improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of rural Moroccan families, this project plants fruit trees with school children and provides creative (tree-related) educational lessons in health and the environment. As in all HAF projects, the 800 almond, carob, cherry, fig and walnut trees to be planted with students during the 2012 season in areas around the elementary schools in the Al Haouz and Rhamna provinces do not require pesticides.  HAF’s goal is to expand this incredibly successful initiative to many other schools and provinces.

Teaching school children the benefits of planting, cultivating and protecting trees — and how they sustain human life — will ensure generations of proactive stewards of the earth.


Sami’s Project teaches elementary school students the numerous benefits that trees can bring to a community, and then trains them in how to plant and maintain trees in their school yards. The eventual fruits of the trees will benefit each school. HAF coordinates this project with teachers, community members, local Ministry of Education delegates and members of communal councils. Labor to plant the trees is provided in-kind by the communities, and the students participate wholeheartedly in the planting.

Sami’s Project was conceived by the El Kouhen family, inspired by loving memories of their 3-year-old son Sami (in the photo) who, before losing his battle with cancer 5 years ago, had already shown his love for the outdoors even at such an early age.  Sami’s father, Dr. Rachid El Kouhen, catalyzed this initiative with HAF Board Member Tina Khartami, and together they organize youth activities (including a Fun Run Event on behalf of HAF in the Washington, DC area) to raise funds for tree planting in Morocco.

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1 Million Tree Campaign

The 1 Million Tree Campaign increases family incomes multiple-fold while also preventing erosion and desertification. HAF and its partners will plant the 1 millionth tree January 16th, 2014. Over 10 years, we estimate to have helped 50,000 people make the step out of poverty. The project is poised to continue indefinitely, at an accelerated pace, with 500,000 young trees expected to be planted in 2014 alone. Please join us.


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