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    Daily Archives: February 1, 2019

    Tree Planting Activity with Volunteers from Ocp and the Local Association of Anamer for Community Development

    The volunteers from OCP, the HAF team and members of the local association planting the first tree together In the front: a carob tree sapling – ready for being planted! by Celina Böhmer, HAF Intern On Tuesday the 29th of January, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) facilitated a tree planting activity for volunteers from OCP and

    Programmatic and Other Enduring Memories During My Stay in Jordan

    Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D. President, High Atlas Foundation I’ve been back in Marrakech from Amman, Jordan, for about a week now, back into the swing of planting trees as far and wide as our teams and partners can before the end of March. I’ve been thinking about this blog, revisiting the truly beautiful experiences during my five day

    Tree Planting Day with Ocp Volunteers in a Setti Fatma Community

    by Juliana B. Feltrin HAF Volunteer from Brazil Yesterday, I had another great experience as part of the HAF volunteer team. We left the HAF office around 1:00 p.m. and headed toward the mountains. We arrived in the Setti Fatma commune and the landscape was even more beautiful. It was possible to have a great