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Our heart aches for the communities we have been working with closely for over two decades. Consider donating to help us provide immediate relief and long-term support to most affected communities.

The High Atlas Foundation is a Moroccan association and a US nonprofit founded in 2000. 

Our method of development is centered on the community at every step of the process. With skilled facilitators, community members work collaboratively to identify and prioritize goals and implement, monitor, and evaluate development projects.

Man in straw hat looks down at tree.
Image of a group of women looking down on a large paper beginning to draw at a workshop.
Two sets of hands running their fingers under clean water from a faucet in the wall.
A map of Morocco with tree planting sites highlighted.

Since 2003, the Foundation and its partners have planted approximately 5 million organic fruit trees. 

Our tree planting map highlights our registered tree planting areas.

We explore and strengthen interreligious and inter-ethnic solidarity through community efforts that preserve cultural heritage in Morocco.

Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency 2020
great nonprofits 2020 top rated
great nonprofits 2021 top rated
Global Giving vetted organization 2019
global giving top ranked organization 2021
global giving 2021 project of the month
Global giving site visit verified 2021

Trusted by over 100 government agencies, public corporations, and major foundations, along with thousands of individual donors. 

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