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    Partner with HAF and Moroccan Communities


    Your tax-deductible donation to the HAF directly results in the implementation of community-initiated projects which improve the lives of rural Moroccan communities. When you invest in HAF projects, you catalyze grassroots development for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities throughout Morocco. These projects develop expertise and effective partnerships for the future.


    Many organizations offer matching gifts for their employees’ contributions. Ask your employer for a matching gift form and include it with your contribution. The High Atlas Foundation will do the rest!

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    Paypal does not charge processing fees for nonprofits – 100% of your donation goes to HAF.

    • 511 Sixth Avenue, #K110
    • New York, NY 10011 USA
    • Phone: +1 (646) 688-2946
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    In Morocco:

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    Your Impact :

    70 cents (US) plants 1 fruit sapling: 100 fruit trees economically and environmentally greatly benefit 1 family

    $50 empowers 1 Moroccan woman or girl through income-generating and educational activities

    $500 trains (experientially) 1 university student or local woman leader in facilitating community planning and implementation of development

    $5,000 builds 1 village clean drinking water system with training and education components, reducing illness and infant mortality among 300 people

    Benefitting communities provide labor in-kind.