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    Let’s Celebrate Argan.

    Today – May 10 – is the very first International Day of Argania.

    Argan is an indelible part of Morocco’s natural heritage. It is what the United Nations has called a “fundamental pillar for sustainable development.”

    Argan has been an important part of HAF’s work for this very reason – it’s economic, social, and environmental benefits endure. We plant these trees with women’s cooperatives and with the outstanding support of international partners, notably FRÉ Skincare and Ecosia, and friends like you.

    We invite you to watch and read more about how we celebrate Argan – and to plant this special tree with us in Moroccan communities.

    With gratitude,
    The High Atlas Foundation Team

    Plant Argan Trees

    Argan Trees & Women’s Cooperatives

    HAF Program Coordinator Hajiba Boumasmar talks with women from the Mogador and Mejji Argan Cooperatives in Essaouira in commemoration of the inaugural International Day of Argania.

    Read more about Argan cooperatives from HajibaLearn about Argan Oil from HAF Volunteer Ellen

    The Benefits of Argan

    Blooming Morocco: One Argan Seed at a Time

    By Zuha Afzal, HAF-UVA Intern

    Deciphering effective mechanisms for long term growth is a journey that most certainly involves a variety of factors to be considered. Factors such as sustainable growth, women empowerment, clean drinking water, and planting trees are all integral in order to ensure brighter futures for Moroccan communities. Planting trees, in particular, is a unique factor that promises a greener, more vibrant, and interconnected future for Morocco. Morocco is gifted with an abundance of tree varieties, from pine forests to poplars to jujube trees.  The most notable one, however, is the famed argan tree, better known as “The Tree of Life”.

    Primarily prevalent in the south west region of Morocco, the argan tree is renowned for its plethora of health and environmental benefits as well as women empowerment. Henceforth, the preservation of argan trees in Morocco is a vital development strategy that ensures positive developmental growth for coming generations.

    Read more from Zuha about the benefits of Argan and how HAF and FRÉ Skincare work together to plant Argan trees for the empowerment of women.

    Learn to Plant an Argan Seed

    In this video Hajiba, HAF Program Manager Said Bennani, and Nursery Caretaker in Imgdal Hassan Ait Ba, teach us the proper steps to plant an Argan seed.

    Plant Argan Trees

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