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    Peace Corps Morocco: 50th Anniversary Celebration

    On Saturday, May 26, 2012, Ouafa Elbargui and Malika Kassi of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) traveled from Marrakech to the Peace Corps Office in Rabat to participate in the panel discussions at the Peace Corps Morocco 50th Anniversary Celebration. Here, Ouafa reports on their experience:
    May 26, 2012

    During the 4 hour program, there were about 125 persons from Peace Corps Moroccan staff, current and former Peace Corps Volunteers, some officials of the Moroccan government, in addition to some invitees introducing their institutions’ /non-profits’ chronological linkage with the Peace Corps. Thanks to Mr Tim Resch (Friends of Morocco) and Peggy McClure, the logistics were very successful – special thanks to them for their efforts .

    Highlights of the event:

    When we were invited by our president Dr Yossef Ben-Meir to attend the Peace Corps Morocco 50th Anniversary Day in his place,we were so excited and



    happy to go there and make the Peace Corps Volunteers’ acquaintance. It was really a privilege to be there with the peace seekers and positive difference makers. As Moroccans, we definitely felt that sense of pride of the good and human relationships linking Moroccans with Americans, which was clearly shown in the wholeatmospheric mood of friendship and respect reigning the place during the event; introducing themselves, discussing and taking pictures together. More, presenting the High Atlas Foundation in place of Dr Yossef Ben-Meir on the Civil Society Panel and seeing the real appreciation in people’s eyes, smiles and faces as we highlighted HAF’s achievements makes us feel proud of being members of High Atlas Foundation Operational Team, and encourages us to work hard and faithfully and  never to surrender because our work can enable these basic community requirements to become projects that are realized for the benefit of people in need. We were very happy that most of the attendees know a lot about  HAF, and others  were so interested to get more information about its development  projects. If this indicates something, it indicates that the people leading this organization (HAF) are loyal to what they are doing. What is more  deeply satisfying than hearing from one of the audience such wonderful  words: “I’m so glad to hear you doing great things. Big squeeze hug!”?  These beautiful encouraging words were addressed to the HAF’s president Dr Yossef Ben-Meir, though not there at that moment . 

    On behalf of the president of HAF and its whole team, we would like to thank all the attendees  and particularly the Peace Corps Office  Staff in Rabat for their warm welcoming  and the former Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who did their best to make this event a successful and exciting one.


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