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16 January Anniversary Planting

Updated: Jul 20

By Fatima Baamrani HAF Project Manager, Taroudant Province

I arrived at ten o’clock at “Lycee College Tifnout” in the village of Amzerko, of the High Atlas Toubkal municipality, together with Aisha Amazal (HAF community facilitator), Khadija Himmi (tree nursery supporter) and Mahjoub Imgdouin from the Parents Association.

In the beginning, Abd Aziz Fidoum, the director of the school, addressed a few words to his pupils. He thanked the community and HAF for planting walnut trees together with them in their schoolyard. Furthermore he expressed his thanks to his pupils, of whom everyone had planted a tree. All these trees together already created a small forest and help to protect the environment. Finally, he proposed a future cooperation between HAF and the college.

Afterwards, as HAF’s manager of projects in the Taroudant province, I spoke about Sami’s Youth Project and the activities of the HAF in Toubkal and in ten provinces of Morocco.

Teachers and pupils spoke, and emphasized the significance of planting trees, which they not only saw important for preserving nature and protecting the environment, but also indispensable for people to live happy and healthy.

The students applied what they learned and planted trees and we distributed them as well, which they could plant in their families’ home fields and orchards.

HAF is dedicated to education, infrastucture, and curriculum development projects in Morocco. 

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