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Updated: Jul 27

By Yossef Ben-Meir

President of HAF

Peter is a major supporter of HAF’s community initiatives and has played an important role in scaling-up the organization’s projects and partnerships in Morocco.  His deep commitment to Morocco’s development grew from his many visits to the country and the close friendships that formed over the course of his professional life.  Known as a true entrepreneur, Peter is Chairman of Infocore.  He has been a leader in direct mail, list brokerage and management services for over two decades – helping companies realize significant growth potential in new customer acquisition, organic growth and retention programs, new and improved customer relationships and revenue.  Please read his full bio here.

At its meeting last November, HAF’s Board made the structural decision to transition the position of President of HAF to that of Chief Executive of Operations, and to create the new position of Chair of the BoD to lead and further build the effectiveness of that body to advance HAF’s mission.  At that time, HAF’s Executive Officers were as asked by the Board to create a process toward identifying potential nominees for the new Chair position.

I first met Peter in December 2010 when he reached out to HAF to coordinate a visit to one of the organization’s rural project sites for members of Chief Executive Organization, which is the alumni organization of Young Presidents Organization.

While planning for the CEO visit (which will take place in May 2012) Peter spent three days with us during his trips to Morocco this year visiting HAF’s community projects, discussing its community-wide approach to planning projects, and meeting partners.  CEO trips around the world, just as this one to Morocco, are designed to be highly enriching educational experiences, and with HAF they are having a Moroccan sustainable development and cultural excursion for most of 1 day.  During the course of us working with Peter, we observed his extraordinary organizational ability and social awareness that have enabled him to achieve so much in his life.

We honestly could not happier when he later agreed to be nominated as Chair.  When I wrote to him earlier this month about the Board’s approval (which, if I may add, was unanimous), Peter responded that “now the work begins.”  And it does, with the entire organization’s heartfelt appreciation for Peter taking on this leadership role, and with great eagerness to advance community-driven development in Morocco.

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