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Updated: Jul 25

In partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (AmCham), HAF has launched a corporate social responsibility program. The program targets the over 250 Moroccan and US companies that are members of AmCham, with a particular focus on engaging small and medium sized enterprises. The goal of the program is to provide a platform for companies to invest in high impact socio-economic development projects, and in so doing create a network dedicated to investing in local community initiatives.

Why become a sponsor?

  1. Reach over 5,000 Moroccans and Americans with your logo featured in HAF’s quarterly electric newsletter and on the corporate sponsor page of HAF’s website (with link to your company’s website).

  2. Position your company as a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility, investing in the lives of rural Moroccan families.

  3. Associate your company with the High Atlas Foundation – a US NGO exclusively dedicated to advancing participatory development in Morocco, with a focus on building productive partnerships and promoting cooperation between the US and Morocco.

  4. Receive invitations to special events and to visit projects supported by your sponsorship.

How is your sponsorship used?

Community Champion: $6,000 (or 50 000 MAD) provides clean drinking water for one village, approximately 300 people

Community Visionary: $3,000 (or 25 000 MAD) funds a one day training in participatory development for twenty-five local leaders

Community Partner: $2,000 (or 15 000 MAD) plants 500 fruit trees, which at leasts doubles the income of ten families when the trees reach maturity in four-six years

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities (English PDF)

Possibilité de parrainage institutionnel  (Français PDF)

Contact us to learn more about the corporate sponsorship program

We look forward to counting you among our corporate partners!

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