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First Time Volunteering

Updated: Jul 11

By Soufiane Amarirh

HAF volunteer

On Monday, January 17th, I had the honor to come and participate in an exceptional work with the High Atlas Foundation. It was actually my first time doing tree-planting activities and giving students awareness of the benefits of tree planting. We started with a primary school in Marrakech, called al Mokef, an old school with four decades of history. We were very well received by the principal and teachers like students, who were very happy to be part of the program. We planted as many trees as we could and what caught my attention the most was how members of HAF took notes on problems that students and teachers face every day in school. The next stop was a secondary school, a boarding school called al-Mansour al-Dehbi, and we were greeted by its students who are members of the school’s environmental club. We started the activities as we did before in the first school, and today’s task was 100% successful. This is just one of the thousands of programs that HAF organizes every year across Morocco,

I really enjoyed my volunteering with the High Atlas Foundation, and I can’t wait to do it again.

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