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Updated: Jul 27

They say that sometimes you just have to create a moment, and people will respond. Well, Global Giving is a wonderful organization that has created a website for non-profits like HAF to post their projects so that like-minded people can choose a project they’d like to help sponsor. They not only make it very easy to make a tax-deductible donation, but also offer matching-funds events from time to time, so that the donors’ contributions are increased in value.

This week, we thank the many people who took advantage of this opportune moment to make their donations go even further, and as a result of your generous contributions, we will be able to open a new project site in Taza. HAF is so grateful that Wahiba and Michael chose to donate “… a wedding contribution from us in celebrating our big day!”

Please know that your donations make our work possible, and we at HAF greatly appreciate your continued support.

Come celebrate the joyous wedding of Wahiba Benloughmari and Michael Gilliland 

by planting fruit trees with rural families in northern Morocco.

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