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From Passion to Expertise: The Journey of Khadija Barakat in the World of Natural Skincare

Updated: Sep 5

By Houria Chouhab

HAF’s F2F Field Officer

The expert volunteer Barakat while conducting the workshop for Yamna Co-op members.

Photo Credit: HAF

The realm of cosmetics is often characterized by innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of natural beauty. Khadija Barakat's journey into this dynamic field is a tale of passion, dedication, and a relentless quest for knowledge. From her early introduction to natural skincare through her mother's teachings to her transformation into a skilled cosmetic manufacturer, Khadija's story is one of personal growth and professional achievement.

At a young age, Khadija Barakat's mother entrusted her with the responsibility for preparing the Hammam cosmetic bag, sparking her interest in the art of natural skincare. This initial exposure ignited a lifelong fascination with cosmetics. As she matured, Khadija transitioned her career path from writing to becoming a cosmetic manufacturer, drawn by her deepening connection to the world of beauty and skincare.

Recognizing that talent alone is insufficient, Khadija actively sought to cultivate her skills and expertise in the cosmetic industry. Her love for the craft fueled her determination to excel. She emphasized that products created with love and positive energy inherently possess superior quality. Khadija's emphasis on maintaining a calm and positive mindset before creating her skincare products underscores her commitment to her craft.

Khadija candidly admitted that her mood can influence the outcome of her creations. Past experiences taught her that allowing negative energy to seep into her work was a mistake. She learned to manage her emotions by incorporating practices like cold showers, fresh juices, and meditation to rejuvenate herself. Maintaining a positive and focused mindset during the production process is now a crucial element of her success. Therefore, Khadija's success is intrinsically linked to the environment in which she operates, and a comfortable and peaceful setting fosters creativity and enhances productivity.

Khadija's secret to success lies in her unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive mentality and creating an environment that nurtures creativity. She likens her skincare products to cherished infants, requiring care, love, and attention. By infusing her creations with positive energy, Khadija ensures that her products radiate the same positivity to those who use them.

As an instructor, Khadija recognizes the importance of simplifying complex information to facilitate effective learning. Drawing from her own experiences of struggling with inadequate information, she employs relatable examples and straightforward explanations to ensure her students comprehend even the most intricate concepts.

Lala Khadija seeks to break the cycle of trainers who withhold valuable information. Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that sharing her full knowledge and experience is crucial for empowering her students to thrive in their own pursuits.

Khadija embarked on her formal learning journey at the Institute of Specialized Technicians in Agriculture in Souihla, Morocco, where she studied alongside fellow enthusiasts of cosmetic product manufacturing. This experience provided practical exposure and included visits to technical institutes specializing in agriculture.

In addition to her studies at the institute, Khadija actively sought out additional knowledge from agricultural schools and specialized workshops. This commitment to lifelong learning has been a cornerstone of her accomplishments.

Khadija Barakat's journey in the world of natural skincare is a testament to the power of passion, a positive mentality, and continuous learning. From her early beginnings, she embraced the teachings of her mother, transformed her career path, and established herself as a skilled cosmetic manufacturer. Khadija's dedication to maintaining a positive mindset, creating an ideal work environment, and sharing her knowledge with others highlights her profound impact on the industry and serves as an inspiration to all aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

She highlights the significance of challenging oneself and focusing on understanding the subject matter. This fundamental principle forms the basis for her approach not only to education but also to life.

Lala Khadija emphasizes the importance of jotting down notes and paying meticulous attention to detail during learning. She credits her success in the distillation process to her commitment to note-taking. This practice, she believes, nurtures a deep understanding of the subject matter and facilitates sharing knowledge with others effectively.

In the cosmetic field, Lala Khadija elucidates that love and passion are indispensable components of creating outstanding products. She likens love to a secret ingredient that enhances the quality of cosmetics beyond mere formulas. Her emphasis on creativity is rooted in her belief that love fuels innovation and sets the stage for producing remarkable products.

Diligence, as emphasized by Lala Khadija, is a cornerstone in the cosmetic production process. The journey involves embracing challenges, experimentation, and making products unique through creative additions. Lala Khadija's cooperative serves as a testament to the power of diligence, where the fusion of traditional methods with innovative creativity results in extraordinary cosmetic products.

Lala Khadija recognizes the profound impact of one's psychological state on the production process. She advises against engaging in creative endeavors when in a negative frame of mind. Her wisdom extends to the physical environment, as she underscores the importance of a calm and clean workspace free from distractions.

The dialogue emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge within the cooperative structure. Lala Khadija's approach goes beyond just creating products; she encourages cooperatives to evolve into learning hubs, inspiring members to embrace continuous growth and innovation.

Central to Lala Khadija's philosophy is the use of natural ingredients. Her cosmetics are enriched with the essence of local herbs, fruits, and plants. This philosophy not only produces healthier products but also contributes to the preservation of nature and traditional practices.

Lala Khadija's approach balances tradition and modernity. While she emphasizes the role of time-honored practices, she also understands the importance of keeping pace with the evolving world, as long as it aligns with the values of authenticity and quality.

Lala Khadija's dialogue encapsulates a wealth of insights applicable beyond the realm of cosmetics. Her journey exemplifies the transformational power of passion, knowledge, creativity, and diligence. From embracing challenges to preserving tradition while embracing innovation, her approach offers valuable lessons for anyone seeking excellence and fulfillment in their pursuits.

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