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Updated: Jul 25

On January 16th, 2014 HAF will plant its 1 millionth tree at over 40 sites simultaneously throughout Morocco. We want to share this milestone event with local community members as well as our thousands of individual donors worldwide.

Get involved:

Watch the planting event streamed live on HAF’s website at noon on Jan 16th (7am EST), and can be downloaded thereafter.

This Million Tree Campaign builds the entire agricultural development process from community nurseries to the market of organic product. Through Cooperative-building, it also reinvests in human development projects that benefit all the people.

Plant your tree: donate trees to be plant with local schoolchildren on Jan 16th. We currently have funding to plant over 400,000 seeds. Help us raise $200,000 by the end of January and we can plant another 400,000, and profoundly benefit thousands more people.

Communities are ready to implement. Seasons are just once a year, and tree planting ends with March in Morocco.

Attend an event: HAF’s partners and friends will be planting at these locations….#LocationNumber of Trees1Tadmamt community land

– Al Haouz, Asni150,000 (to be planted over the entire season) 2 Imegdal community land

– Al Haouz, Imegdal 148,000 (to be planted over the entire season) 3 Tifnoute community land

-Taroudannt, Tifnoute 100,000 (to be planted over the entire season) 4 Imegdal (group of schools)

-Al Haouz, Imegdal 1005 Akraich community land

-Al Haouz, Tamesloht 306 Taouihina School

-Al Haouz, Al Ouidane 127 El Baggara School

-Al Haouz, Al Ouidane 128 Laarbi Ben Bouzid School

-Al Haouz, Al Ouidane119 Touama Secondary School

-Al Haouz, Touama2010Ahmed Toumi Community Center

-Al Haouz, Touama6011Touama School

-Al Haouz, Touama1012Center of Professional Training

-Al Haouz, Touama1013Ait Moulay Ali School

-Al Haouz, Ait Faska35014Tinml Secondary School

-Al Haouz Talat N’Yakoub3015Dar Elein (group of schools)

-Al Haouz Tameslouht3016Mouarid Association for Environment and Development

-Al Haouz Tameslouht2017Dar Taliba School

-Al Haouz, Ait Sidi Daoud2018Loualja School

-Al Haouz, Ait Ourir10019Al Barj School

-Al Haouz, Abdellah Ghiyat3020Daoudi Said School

-Azilal, Ouaouizerth3021El Bahira School

-Azilal, Ouaouizerth6022Ouaouizerth Secondary School

-Azilal, Ouaouizerth12023Annahda Primary School

-Boujdour6024El Massira Lkhadra Primary School

-Boujdour21025Ibn Tofail Secondary School

-Boujdour37826Iben El Bakali Secondary School

-Boujdour3027The Complex Community Center

-Boujdour3628Oukba Bnou Nafia School

-Essaouira, Sidi Ahmed Oumbarek3629Agdal School

-Essaouira, Ait Said2330Educational Complex Bouchane

-Rhamna, Bouchane26031Bouchane Secondary School

-Rhamna, Bouchane31032Dar Taliba School

-Rhamna, Bouchane30033Dar Talib School

-Rhamna, Brikiyin36034Oulad Ba (group of schools)

-Rhamna, Brikiyin35235Oulad lhaj (group of schools)

-Rhamna, Brikiyin53036Oulad Ben Hamadi (group of schools)

-Rhamna, Brikiyin36037Ma bard School

-Rhamna, Ait Taleb26038Abi Inan Al Marini School

-Taroudant, Toubkal6039Albouhtori School

-Taroudant, Toubkal1540Toubkal (group of schools)

-Taroudant, Toubkal2041Bohayrat Ifni School

-Taroudant, Toubkal8842Adar Primary School

-Taroudant, Adar10043Ozzoun Primary School

-Taroudant, Adar10044Taza (group of schools)

-Taza, Ain Bashar3949Total # of Trees407,001

Contact HAF to get more information about a planting site in your area.

High Atlas Foundation in Morocco:

4 Rue Qadi Ayaad, Al Manar 4A – 3eme étage,

Apt 12, El Harti, Gueliz, Marrakech, Maroc

Tel: +212 (0)5 24 42 08 21

Fax: +212 (0)5 24 42 20 21

High Atlas Foundation in the US:

332 Bleecker Street, #K110

New York, NY 10014

Tel: (646) 688-2946

Fax: (646)786-4780

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