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Giving Today for Better Days

Updated: Jul 14

Dear Friend,

There are fantastic reasons to give today to the High Atlas Foundation in Morocco:

Women’s empowerment and girls’ education uplift our life’s fabric and are absolutely real outcomes of our work with families and communities.

Fruit tree agriculture, building cooperatives, certifying organic, and processing food products for local and global sales form a vital basis for ending rural poverty, and we see transformative results from our collective efforts.

Moroccan multiculturalism is genuinely an inspiration and model for the world and must be built upon, which we do as a regular part of HAF’s engagement.

Clean drinking water remains a top priority of the people in all parts of the Kingdom, and together we have made vital differences but much more is needed.

And strengthening capacities – of women and men, youth and their schools, people of all walks and from all places – create an essential basis for sustainable development, broadening participation, and people creating their own change.

Giving to HAF in Morocco empowers its people and brings further into reality its profound model of participatory, multicultural, and sustainable development.

We sincerely ask you on Giving Tuesday to give to HAF to implement community projects that the Moroccan people determine, and help us fulfill the nation’s generous and humanist vision.

Yours faithfully,

Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D.

President of the High Atlas Foundation, Marrakech



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