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Grow Trees and Dreams with People of Morocco

Updated: Jul 20

Rains have come to Morocco, and farming families are now planting fruit trees for themselves and for generations to come.  They are forming cooperatives, and deeply hoping to add processing of their product and reach new markets.  The High Atlas Foundation assists with this entire process, including monitoring tree growth to gain carbon credits for added revenue.

But we must plant and grow to achieve all subsequent goals, and the time is now.  Plant with mountain communities walnut trees that live for centuries, and Moroccan endemic figs that are threatened.  Plant with women’s cooperatives medicinal plants.  Plant with schoolchildren and university communities.  Plant in multicultural settings.  Plant with us north and south, in 22 Moroccan provinces.  The people’s need is vast and their opportunities and will are endless.  Time though is short.

We have until mid-March to meet far more requests totaling hundreds of thousands of trees more than we currently have.  Generate organic food with us.   Help secure the Moroccan environment.  Let’s achieve what is immediately possible, here and always.

Wishing you joy and the best this New Year,

The High Atlas Foundation

Little hopes, big dreams

About 70 km away from Marrakech, in one of the villages of Setti Fatma commune, several young girls are looking for ways to fulfill their dreams. “I can visualize my future, but I do not know the way I should take to reach there.” Indeed it seems as some of them have a clear vision of what they want to do when they grow up, or who they want to be in the future, however, as they say, they need someone to show them the way. They grew up together, they know each other the best, and they are willing to help one another in achieving their goals. They are highly motivated, and believe in themselves; their dreams my seem modest, and so may be their hopes and demands. All they ask for is to gain the right tools to break the walls that are keeping them away from being who they wish to be.

The chosen baker

She is 16 years old, and an excellent baker. The minute we entered her family’s house, they poured us sweet tea, and offered her wonderful pastries. She dropped out of the education system after completing primary school. She says she does not regret it, because she wants to be a famous baker, and wishes to invest all her time in that. “I want everyone to know me, I want to sell my pastries all over, and become very famous. I enjoy baking for my family, and people in my village, but I would like to succeed outside as well.” She wants to become independent, and fulfill her dream; all she needs is the right plan and the right tools. Her reality is now changing. She was recently set up for engagement to a person she never met. Her father and uncle met his father, and suggested her. All she has is one picture of him, she does not know his age, she never met him in person, and yet one could tell she is extremely excited about him, and about the whole idea of changing her status. She was the one to be chosen, from many other girls in her village. She knows that if she rejects the offer, some other girl would quickly take it. You can tell she is happy, she is full with dreams and hopes, which might explode in her face in any minute, since her future is very vague. She knows she has to adapt to the situation, as she understands she is not completely free to make her own choices in this realm. Yet she is super optimistic, and very much happy. It is her time; she is the one they chose. 


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