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Updated: Jul 25

HAF has partnered with G4S (Morocco), the world’s leading international securities group, to combat rural poverty and highlight awareness for dislocation of Morocco’s rural populations due to challenging socio-economic conditions.

Together, this NGO-corporate partnership will bring clean drinking water to five villages in the Tifnoute Valley, benefitting 1,500 people. It will also  plant 15,000 saplings in a community nursery of 50,000 fruit tree saplings that will be planted in early 2010. Other corporatiions, NGOs, and individuals are also contributing funds to this nursery that is in partnership with the Regional Division of Waters and Forests-Marrakech and local communities. (Stay tuned for more details about the nursery and how you can join the effort!)

This partnership represents HAF’s second major corporate partnership, also currently partnering with Groupe OCP to work with villages in the Ben-Guerir region of Morocco. Promoting corporate social responsibility has become a key part of HAF’s mission, creating creative opportunities for investment in rural Morocco and strategic partnerships in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (AmCham).

Read the press release at  Maghreb Arabe Presse

Download the press release (English)

Download the press release (Français)

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