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Updated: Jul 25

In June of 2013 the Peace Corps Regional Directors held a meeting in Morocco. Susan L. Q. Flaherty attended the meeting and has shared her photographs from the trip with the High Atlas Foundation. One scrapbook displays photos of a Peace Corps meeting where attendees enjoyed a day of discussion, comradery, and singing. The second scrapbook is of unique designs of doors that captured her eye while traveling through the country. Susan collected Moroccan proverbs, translated into English, to share and evoke intrigue throughout the slides.

Susan shared a short passage describing the scenes that inspired her photos.

“Everywhere I love the doors, of city walls, of homes, of shops, of public buildings, for their beauty and their metaphor.  In the medinas, the doors are always ancient, well worn, heavy, each with unique hardware.  What other than these heavy doors, many of them shut tight, enclosing something mysterious within, could more eloquently state that the walled medina is a charmingly inward looking medieval and hermetic place, yet remains intriguing and inviting?

“Susan L. Q. Flaherty serves as attorney and life coach for social entrepreneurs globally from her base in Washington, DC, USA.  To support her coaching clients, she creates motivational images using her travel photography combined with pithy quotes.  Please visit her at  Susan is spouse of Kevin F. F. Quigley, Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps, Thailand.  The couple greatly enjoyed their visit to Morocco for a Peace Corps Regional Country Directors Conference in June of 2013.”

To access Susan’s images of the Peace Corps Regional Director’s meeting and their travels follow the link here.

To access Susan’s images of the Doors of Morocco” follow the link here.

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