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HAF's Critical Support After Earthquake Reaches 3,872 Families

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Photo by HAF | September 2023

The High Atlas Foundation has been working to procure, transport, and distribute materials to Moroccan communities severely affected by the earthquake. As we move into the second week of relief efforts, we have distributed to 69 villages in 48 municipalities, directly supplying 3,872 families with 108 tons of urgently needed supplies.

We truly appreciate the support from so many individuals and organizations passionate about providing immediate aid and creating a sustainable future. Our Global Giving campaign has reached $350,000 toward our first phase goal of $500,000. Until September 22, all donations up to $50 are matched by 50%. Let’s keep going.

Short-term relief efforts are crucial for disaster response, and strategy for reconstruction is essential. Our decades-long partnership with communities will continue as we rebuild infrastructure for sustainability and resilience.

Next steps include addressing further relief needs: blankets, mattresses, warm clothing, school supplies, tents, and food. We have begun water restoration initiatives for drinking and irrigation and are procuring and transporting pipes and materials this week.

Please consider sharing these ongoing needs with your network as we begin the multi-year process of assisting in recovery. Communities are mourning, and this reversal of years of work is utterly disheartening. Your giving is more than financial; it is an expression of belief that uplifts us all. We need it.

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