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Updated: Jul 27

By Ouafa Elbargui

HAF Project Coordinator, Tahanaout Center

My job is to coordinate between the HAF’s project and training Center and partnering organizations and agencies.  This is the first time I have ever worked at such a job.  One of the insights that struck me the most was the enthusiastic way of working in team spirit.

Only when I have worked with HAF, I understand what labor division means and what participatory approach means in reality.  This is shown greatly when every staff member of HAF knows his role: when and what to do, at the same time s/he is in contact and in parallel with the rest of the other members.  Another thing is that every day and every moment, a new lesson is learnt not only in my job but in my life as well.  What I liked very much in this job is the best understanding, respect, patience, sharing good aims to help people in need, and solidarity internally and externally; internally between HAF staff members and externally between HAF members and people of disadvantaged rural communities.

Please feel free to e-mail – – if you may have any questions regarding HAF initiatives.

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