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Updated: Jul 25

The High Atlas Foundation launched its campaign to plant one million fruit trees in Morocco during the next two years, in response to the priority needs expressed by rural Moroccan communities. We’re partnering with many different groups to reach our goal.  Some partners include: government agencies, corporations, foundations, and people like you. In just three months, we raised enough money to support the construction of our first fruit tree nursery, which will consist of 100,000 saplings. The Kate Jeans-Gail Tree Nursery Memorial will be constructed this January and it will serve as a model to create other nurseries throughout Morocco.

Every 100 trees will transform the lives of one rural family by providing an alternative source of income, allowing for the transfer of skills from nursery technicians to community members, and improving the local environment all at the same time. Your contribution of just $25 will plant 100 saplings in a community nursery, and will have a lasting effect on a family in need for years to come.

We recently partnered with GlobalGiving to raise funds for this tree planting campaign. Your donation will help the High Atlas Foundation receive an additional $5,000 in project funding!

We need just 100 donations made to our GlobalGiving project between now and December 15th in order to receive this additional funding from a member of the GlobalGiving community.

No donation is too small  – every gift counts! Make a donation today.

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