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Meet Khaoula Abid Allah: A Success Story

Updated: Jul 11

By Bouhlala Safae

Program Manager, Fes

Khaoula Abid Allah in her office – Training and Language Center, Fes. Photo: HAF “The moment I knew what I had to do, the moment I felt more confident and independent”

Khaoula Abid Allah, is a 27-year-old legal clinician trainee and graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Law. Hers is an inspiring story for young people who have, at some point in their journey, felt lost or misguided. To fulfill the dream she had as a child, she sought entrepreneurial mentorship to launch her project idea–a training and language center that uses new, innovative counseling and training methods. Her enthusiasm for the project helped her to face the challenges she experienced during the start-up phase.

“I was always looking for such opportunities to better understand where and how to start, expressed Khaoula. Fortunately, she benefited from the Legal Clinic and Entrepreneurship program, housed at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, where she had the opportunity to hone personal development and soft skills, which, in turn, have helped her gain confidence to finally launch her project. Participation in the program has helped Khaoula to follow her instinct and pursue a career outside of the mainstream employment environment, where most students find jobs right after graduation.

After receiving individual mentoring and training in marketing and financial management, Khaoula continued to work on her business model canvas and financial plan, eventually beginning her journey to complete the administrative documents necessary to acquire both legal status and commercial registration of her business. She also benefited from training from the National Initiative for Human Development in May 2022 in order to obtain an additional grant.

The idea behind her project was no coincidence. Khaoula had pursued extensive training and internships in the field of teaching so that she could bring the concept to life. Her love for teaching has also allowed her to save time and money in the process.

Program staff visit Khaoula and her assistant, Oumaima, at the Training and Language Center, Fes. Photo: HAF

Khaoula officially started her project in late June 2022, opening and managing her own office, and beginning to develop her brand. Through mentorship and post-creation support, she was referred to a different funding program in order to obtain IT equipment that would allow her to expand her business and respond to the high demand for certification in e-learning and digital training.

Today, the High Atlas Foundation project team continues to support Khaoula in the creation of her business’s website and in the growth of her social and professional network, expanding her opportunities and engaging more resources to further promote her business in the region.

“I will always be grateful to this program, which I hope will remain sustainable for many more generations to come,” said Khaoula.

The program “Engaging Underserved Communities in the Fez Region through Legal Aid, Awareness-Raising, and Socio-Economic Integration.” is a program funded and supported by the US Middle East Partnership Initiative and implemented by the High Atlas Foundation in partnership with the Faculty of Law – Fez.

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