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Moving my Home Community Forward

Updated: Jul 20

By Errachid Montassir

Another Touch in Rhamna with HAF

After three months with the High Atlas Foundation, I returned again to my origins in the Rhamna province, where I had the chance to earlier bring the benefit of more than 400 trees on the 16th of January – for the planting event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Today – the 3rd of April – I visited those seven schools to:

– Distribute the certificates – appreciating all the efforts of students and teachers as they take care of the trees

– Inspire the students to smile

– Build upon the health of the trees that we planted

– Discuss future projects with HAF

I can say that I still really get priceless information about the environment with the High Atlas Foundation.  I appreciate the good work of the active students and teachers as they create more than green spaces at their schools.

The distribution of certificates reflects our sincere gratitude to the students and teachers at Rhamna schools who planted the 400 almond, fig, and pomegranate trees.

When we planted the trees at the event, I noted the many smiles of students.  That is exactly the what happened when we gave them the certificates.

That was a precious feeling when the students came running and hugged me.  I really learned many things about responsibility from these moments.

As I look at the trees, I was surprises that I found they grew with green leaves.  The schools’ spaces became so green, and here I can say that we already achieved one of many goals.

The last step was to discuss with Mr. Mehdi, the president of the association WASSIL, about future projects with HAF; one of them is an action to plant more than 2,000 trees around 7 villages, with more than 1,000 beneficiaries.

With this collaboration, we are making green spaces for our youth and communities of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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