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My Experience with Grant Writing for the High Atlas Foundation

Updated: Jul 13

By Bryn Galumbeck

HAF Intern – UVA student

As this was my first opportunity working on a grant proposal, I did not know much about the content and format of proposals previously; however, I knew that writing one was an important skill to acquire. Furthermore, I was able to explore new areas of the High Atlas Foundation’s work. I was intrigued not only by their agricultural projects and economic development and sustainability, but also by their work promoting women’s empowerment, on which my project focused. Researching for this proposal, I learned the ways trees are planted, monitored, and all of the work that needs to be done in preparation.

I admire HAF’s mission to advance education, environmental conservation, and socio-economic development through a participatory approach. Through the process of growing fruit trees at education centers, HAF raises awareness for the preservation of the environment, while also promoting the benefits of small-scale tree cultivation. This project reaches a vast number of schools and communities, spreading environmental and community benefits to all. As a result, students will have a deeper understanding of significant economic and environmental viability of organic fruit tree agriculture, the preservation of traditional seed diversity, and approaches to ensuring continued tree cultivation in the face of water scarcity and rapid climate change. In areas where 80% of incomes are derived from agriculture, it is essential for youth to learn skills in this field. This project is extremely important for spreading awareness and teaching community members agricultural skills.

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