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Participatory Democratic Planning and Project Management, Boujdour Province

Updated: Jul 17

August 31, 2015


The following text (translated from Arabic) discusses the most recent democratic planning workshop in Boujdour Province, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The workshop is part of a 12-month training program for 40 members of local civil society organizations.


Training In Boujdour: August 6, 2015

Location: Associative Space

Time: Half past nine

Topics: Cycle of the training program and strengthening the capacity of civil society in Boujdour province

Attendance: 27 associates and activists

The professor welcomed the attendees and thanked them for coming in spite of the conditions of trade chambers elections in the province like in other provinces. It was first reported at present the need to make the phones silent for the conversation. All students gave information on his/her identity and role as an actor and activist. Immediately following, the professor gave a brief overview of the High Atlas Foundation by displaying images of the previously completed projects.

A direct question was first posed regarding the role of Aljoman development actors and the definition of development to come. Some answered that development for some of the population in the southern provinces was entirely linked to the national initiative for human development. Others highlighted that development is associated with the particular carrier of the idea, and varies from person to person.

Whatever differed in the definition of development has played part in their search for the most appropriate way to accomplish development, so local populations can keep away from negative perceptions and achieve development through other means. There was great desire to encourage the idea of long-term development configuration, but participants confirmed that the duration of the proposed long-term project is what may prevent the participation of all actors and locals in the process.

Overall, we can say that the presence of this group of Aljoman actors, in such political conditions and during the period of summer vacation, was to motivate us.

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