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SAMI’s Project: Trees with Kids

Updated: Jul 11

— Field update from Project Coordinator Ouafa Elbarqui

Report about visiting schools

Thursday June 19th, 2012

Alkairaouane school

Deepening the holes for the trees seems to have helped; I found out that they are looking better. The school staff and the students are very enthusiastic about keeping the trees at school as Mrs Khadija Kandi,  the headmaster of the school, stated. Knowing that July and August are vacation time for all Moroccan schools, the watering mission is either done by the school’s caretaker or sometimes by the municipality staff of Tahanaout.

These are the recent photos of the trees at Alkairaouane schools:

Ouirgane elementary school

After buying a watering hose of 300m, the students and the school staff installed it as a drip system for all the trees planted at school. So, as of this moment, though the students are on a summer holiday, the project is progressing well; the school caretaker has taken the responsibility of watering the trees from time to time using this drip system easily (see the pictures below).

Ouirgane  Middle School

About 100 trees were planted at this school because it has a large space. Though it’s very hot, the trees are very green. The school caretaker is looking after the trees; He waters them from time to time.

Tassa Ouirgane school

When I visited this school I found no one there, the school gate was closed. Then, I tried to use the back entry of the school to take pictures. The trees needed to be watered, but no water in the faucet at that time. I called Mr Ait Faraj to tell the young students of the douar to water them using the water of the outside streams for there are only a few trees at this school. Today morning, I called again Ait Faraj for watering the trees, and he assured me that the boys will water them.

Tororde School

The trees at this school are growing well without any problem. When I entered the school I found a young boy who  resides next to the school, he is always there taking care of the trees. As shown in the pictures below, I found the tree is good.

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