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Updated: Jul 25

The HAF’s team consists of Moroccan-US members; though diverse we are, we have a common overarching worthy goal which is serving humanity, working hard to make a better change for the disadvantaged people, empowering youth, women, men and children to become leaders of their local community development. This diversity makes this team richer, more successful in the sense that all the members are working in a harmony, cooperation, solidarity, transparency, patience, efficiency, love and respect.

I have been working as a Moroccan member of the HAF team for a year and a half. Sometimes I go back through my story with HAF, I found it a valuable experience, which has to be shared with all people interested in a real participatory development. I remember the first day when I came to HAF, which was just like a pupil’s first day at school. I felt this organization as my school where I learned a lot, I learned how to listen when the community talks, I learned how to be patient, how to be courageous to make a decision, how to be more responsible towards my country and its people, simply how to say “I can…!”. Generally, when one works with HAF, it always gives a chance to improve his/her capacities, build his/her skills constantly. Through the application of the participatory method, the HAF has become a unique model of participatory development, and through the participatory planning activities, it has succeeded to build a real communication bridge not only between herself and the community she is dealing with,  but also between the potential funders and the disadvantaged excluded Moroccan communities; between the local people  and governmental administrators or general officials. The HAF has managed to pave a road of communication between the people who have and the people who have not.

Between people who have funds, skills and people who are in need of them.

When I was in Boujdour recently I asked a social agent living there: What do they expect from the official State development leaders or agencies to achieve real sustainable local development? She sighed and said, “communication, communication and communication; we need them to communicate with us to know what we need”.

So, I would like to say best wishes to the HAF team and please keep up building that big beautiful bridge of communication, of transparency, of honesty, of integration, of love and respect and of sustainable development.

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