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Trees, Irrigation, and Women’s Cooperatives

Updated: Jul 25

This 2006 planting season, the High Atlas Foundation funded the planting of 5,000 fruit trees in the Rural Communes of Ait Mohamed and Ouirgane, in the Province of Marrakech.  About 100 rural families received the trees (almond and olive), which will generate transformative socio-economic benefits after six years.  Tree planting was ranked by these communities to be a top development priority, and HAF is dedicated to helping to realize the self-described goals of rural people.

Also this year, HAF supported the construction of three women’s cooperatives.  The projects were brought to our attention by Peace Corps Volunteers who live and work in the villages (Ain Bechar, near Taza, and Taferdoust and Ouanskra outside of Marrakech) where the projects are taking place.  These projects are genuinely empowering because they are managed by the women of these communities and help to transfer a range of critical skills, including literacy and artisinal.

We are also proud of our support of the construction of an irrigation basin in the Rural Commune of Ait Wafqa, outside of Tafraoute.  In 2003, we supported the planting of 1,000 olive trees with Ait Wafqa (funded by USAID Morocco), and the construction of the basin will help the expansion and success of this vital project for the local people.

We thank all of our supporters for helping to make these development projects a reality for the Moroccan communities we serve.

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