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Women’s Workshop in Taroudant

Updated: Jul 12

By Fatima El Mrini

Imagine Empowerment Workshop in Tiferki, Taroudant. Photo by: Fatima El Mrini, HAF

HAF colleagues Rachida, Bouchra, Aicha, Hassan, and Fatima went to the village of Tiferki in the Taroudant province to carry out a women’s empowerment training course with women there.

The IMAGINE workshops organized by the High Atlas Foundation are very effective in helping them live a better life and reality. We used techniques to extract from them what they know and are good at, and the women reacted positively to this and expressed their feelings. This will help us organize their ideas to assist them in the projects they would most like to do.

Traditional refreshments served in traditional dress, Tiferki (Taroudant)  Photo by: Fatima El Mrini

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