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Immediate Goals: HAF strives to improve the livelihood of rural Moroccan communities while maintaining an eco-friendly approach to economic growth. HAF supports rural farmers’ desire to move away from subsistence agriculture, which is at the root of rural poverty, and transition to cash-crop farming. This mostly involves the commercial planting of common fruit tree varieties, grown organically, to generate greater income.

HAF's social enterprise, High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3), which will increase the impact of this agriculture project by commercializing the organic products and investing a portion of net revenue into new human development projects.

Sustainable Solutions: The 1 Billion Tree Campaign
This organic agricultural project endeavors to transform the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem and lift family farmers out of poverty through building a green economy. HAF's goal is to foster economic growth and improve quality of life by advancing an agricultural development model which is sustainable and replicable throughout Morocco, North Africa and the Middle East.

Obtaining organic certification is key to addressing food security and income-generating challenges for farming communities. HAF has already planted over 1 million fruit and nut trees in Morocco. According to Morocco’s own projections and goals, 1 billion trees are needed as part of the process of overcoming subsistence agriculture , which is at the root of rural poverty, and to offset the severe environmental challenges such as soil erosion and deforestation.

Organic Agriculture: An Engine for Change
Organic certification of produce, building of cooperatives, value-added processing, water efficiency, commercialization and reinvestment in development projects identified by the people will end the conditions of subsistence agriculture and transform the region. HAF establishes fruit tree and plant nurseries in remote areas where many farmers grow crops without pesticides, which facilitates the organic certification process and ensures consumers' access to naturally grown, chemical-free produce. Organic certification increases the value of fruit and medicinal/aromatic plants, meets national demand and supplies a highly sought after product at a global scale.

HAF’s Agricultural Training
HAF encourages self-reliance by training local agriculturalists to provide the skills and knowledge needed to maintain the nurseries, create green jobs, and transfer advanced and resource efficient farming technics to the community as a whole. Women and youth are active stakeholders in the design and implementation of community-managed nurseries, expanding traditional social and gender roles in the agricultural sector. Organic certification generates value-added produce, which is then marketed and sold with support from farming cooperatives established by HAF and local associations. Resource management, including water management with advanced irrigation systems, enables transitions rural communities to make the change to green farming techniques.


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