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Our Work


Tree Planting and Monitoring

We build and manage tree nurseries, distribute trees to farmers, cooperatives, and schools, continuously monitor our planting sites, and support Moroccan farmers across the value chain.

Women's Empowerment

The High Atlas Foundation begins every community development project with a women’s empowerment workshop, IMAGINE, that seeks to expand confidence and self-agency by identifying personal priorities and goals. 

Community Workshops

HAF conducts experiential training workshops in participatory development and empowerment, agroforestry, legal aid delivery, and project management and evaluation, strengthening the capacities of individuals, cooperatives, and communities.

An old man raises a finger in objection. He is sitting around a table with other members of the conversation.
A spigot of water flows into two person's hands.

Clean Water

We implement innovative water solutions in

rural Moroccan communities.  

A combination of wells, gravity flow systems, water towers, reservoirs, and solar pumps allows us to provide clean drinking water to villages in mountainous areas and nomadic desert communities. 

Cultural Preservation

We work to restore buildings and burial sites and preserve and digitize documents and photos of interfaith heritage.


The program also facilitates intergenerational dialogue, encouraging memory, storytelling, and relationship as tools to preserve intangible aspects of cultural heritage from one generation to the next.

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