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Access to water for drinking and irrigation is the most important issue for Moroccan communities, arising first in almost every discussion surrounding community priorities. 


By accessing new water sources and building water containment and delivery systems, we’re able to immediately improve infant mortality rates, increase girls’ participation in education, and expand agricultural production in areas most heavily affected by drought. HAF’s adaptive management, supported by gathering and sharing data to enable group decision-making, directly enhances sustainable water use.


HAF’s water projects are designed to uniquely fit each community’s needs. We collaborate with local teams to create solutions using local building practices, workers, and materials, and we transfer necessary technical skills for water-system maintenance. A combination of wells, gravity flow systems, water towers, reservoirs, and solar pumps allows us to provide clean drinking water to villages in mountainous areas and nomadic desert communities.

These solutions drastically improve public health, infant survival, access to education, and agriculture.

The High Atlas Foundation has established state-of-the-art irrigation systems for our co-managed nurseries and build drinking water systems for 10 schools and 25 villages. 

We believe that every person should have access to clean drinking water. Donate to bring sustainable water solutions to communities in Morocco.

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